To My Sister

When I first saw Volga transform into his dragon form in HW my first thought was basically:

"Haha, wtf, suuure whatever dude.”

but then I remembered




goats are literally Masters of Physics

The fourth dimension is not time.
It is goat.



goats are literally Masters of Physics


The fourth dimension is not time.

It is goat.

Headcanon/Theory (?) about Rauru

Okay, since its been confirmed that Rauru lived before the Kingdom of Hyrule was founded (page 77 of Hyrule Historia if you wanna be exact), which was a long time before Ocarina of Time, its obvious that he is a ghost or something like that during the events of that game. We also know that the owl Kaepora Gaebora is some form he takes on, maybe even an incarnation of his.

This makes Rauru the only one of the Seven Sages in OoT that isnt really “alive” per se. Which is slightly odd considering A Link to the Past (and later Wind Waker and A Link between Worlds) showed that the Sage postion is something that is passed on to descendants after a Sages death.

However I have a headcanon/theory that Rauru does have blood descendants (Who in turn would probably be the ancestors  of the Maidens in ALttP and one of the Sages in ALbW)

These people that I believe to be descendants of Rauru are Malon and Talon of the Lon Lon Farm.

Oe of the reasons for that is the fact that Malon is the only pretty important person Link meets in his childhood, and interacts with quite a lot compared to other random people, that doesnt turn out to be a sage in his adult life. Notably in OoT 3D, where in the additonal credits images of Link meeting/ interacting with the sages are shown, Link interacting with Malon and Epona is also shown, and its the only image thta int about Link and a sage.

Also Talon and Rauru have pretty much the same hair cut:


I´m not saying any of this is stone hard undeniable “proof”, but its still a headcanon I personally like.


WT: Botamon | A: ChershireHatter [deviantart]


WT: Botamon | A: ChershireHatter [deviantart]


the opening of “Ghost Whisperer” is all “whoaahh mysterious OOOOhhh what does it mean?????????”

and then the actual show is like “here is a ghost, it wants something. It got what it wanted. all is well. yay.”




Baby got a bath today~

How did you get a dinosaur


This is my child! Please ask your parents about the dino and the egg!!!

On the Poe Collector


Pretty sure this guy has been discussed to death and everyone has said everything already but I still feel like adding my two cents on “who” this guy is.

I´m 99% sure the Poe Collector is that soldier that is in that building during Link´s childhood.

I often see people use this quote of his as evidence:

"Man, I am SO bored…
Things would sure be more
interesting if there were more…
troubles in the world…

Hey, that’s just between you and
me, OK?”

Which shows that he is fond of trouble, but I personlly think the thing he says when you talk to him at night is even better as evidence:

"Man, I am SO tired!

The night watch is so boring!
I wish some ghosts would come
out or something…

Hey, I’m really interested in

Studying them is a hobby of mine,
but you never know…the time
might come when that kind of
knowledge might be useful!”

Like this makes it seem really obvious, in my opinion. Thats foreshadowing right there.

And to be sure I checked if he says the same thing in japanese too, and he does.

While checking that I also saw that both that soldier and the Poe Collector use the same pronoun to refer to themselves in japanese, “Oira”.

So yeah, I´m pretty sure theyre the same guy.



not sure why ppl refer to link as ‘the elf’ in fanfiction tbh……………..

Seriously, though. Elves do not exist in that world, there is no Elvin race. His race is Hylian, please call him that instead.